Telex's BTR-1 Intercomm system forms
the backbone of the NFL and NCAA's
wireless systems that allow a referee to
make announcements. These systems
must work in one of the most complex
RF environments, the
Super Bowl, as
well as college bowl games

Here are photos of several NFL coaches
with Telex gear. The headsets are also
from Telex, but Motorola paid for their
logo to be on the earpiece.
Coach Tony Dungy,
shown at left, with
BTR -1 beltpack.
New England Patriot's coach Bill
shown at left, with Telex
BTR-1 beltpack
Telex Intercomm gear, shown below, used at
a Super Bowl, prior to the Motorola advertising
agreement with the NFL
Telex wireless antenna mast,
shown below, on the sideline.
Telex belt packs and Telex headsets,with
Motorola logo
shown below, prior to Super